Akron – Commercial Underwriter – SBA (107243)

John has been an SBA Underwriter for 14 years and is skilled in all facets of SBA underwriting and portfolio management.

He is seeking an opportunity with a Akron area bank.

John’s career skills as an SBA Underwriter include:

  • Underwrites SBA loans – Average deal size – $1.5MM $ 2.5MM in C & I and CRE loans
  • Underwrite deals up to $8 – $10MM
  • Underwrite new loan requests and manage the existing portfolio.
  • Assist loan officers and underwriters in structuring loan requests, including the use of SBA programs.
  • Create quarterly concentration report and stress testing report for Senior Management use.
  • Manage underwriting team workloads.
  • Assist in the development and implementation of efficiency and productivity initiatives.
  • Assessed loan modification requests up to $2MM, negotiating alternate solutions as needed.
  • Oversaw SBA loans to identify performance issues, including delinquency and deterioration of financial position. 
  • Guided personnel through bank and SBA policies.
  • Evaluated financial statements, LexisNexis business reports, and personal credit bureaus. 
  • Audited loans for efficient underwriting and closing processes.

John is asking for a base salary minimum of $78K.

Kindly call Jeanie Maher or Tom Szmanda at 847-325-5457 or email us at: jeanie@symicorgroup.com.