Dallas- Compliance Officer – BSA & AML (107844)

Brenda has been a Compliance Officer for 20 years.

She is seeking an opportunity with a Dallas / Fort Worth area bank.

Brenda’s career skills as a Compliance Officer include:

  • Development of a compliance department to meet demands presented by changes in the regulatory environment.
  • Ensured compliance and submission of regulatory reports for HMDA, CRA, OCC MLR.
  • Trained and mentored staff for various positions and eventual promotion.
  • Worked with executive and senior management to successfully emerge from regulatory enforcement action.  Served on C&D committee.
  • Developed multiple programs such as complaint tracking, BSA/AML automated program, quality assurance program, audit exception tracking and internal controls.
  • Developed and expanded compliance presentations and reporting to the Audit Committee and Board of Directors.
  • Participated in enterprise wide projects for development of an enterprise risk management program, records management program and Sarbanes Oxley reporting.
  • Established and acted as chairperson for quarterly compliance meetings, quarterly BSA meetings and SAR committee, reputation risk committee.
  • Implemented change management process and coordinated efforts with senior managers to ensure compliance with the Dodd Frank Act.
  • Coordinated efforts with legal to establish tracking, processes and procedures for responding to subpoenas, summons, garnishments or other discovery requests.
  • Worked with human resource to implement a new hire training programdeveloped compliance training as needed and a reporting and tracking program for employee training.
  • Collected and reviewed documentation submitted to auditors and examiners and acted as point of contact for financial, compliance and regulatory audits and exams.
  • Created and performed risk assessments including BSA, compliance management, identity theft, UDAP, consumer mortgage collection activity, reputation risk and fair lending.

Brenda is asking for a base salary minimum of $130K.

Kindly call Jeanie Maher or Tom Szmanda at 847-325-5457 or email us at: jeanie@symicorgroup.com.