Statewide (DC) – Commercial Loan Processor (107294)

Debra has been a Commercial Loan Processor for four years.

She is seeking an opportunity with a Washington D.C. area bank.

Debra’s career skills as a Commercial Loan Processor include:

  • Collect financial documents from clients and prepared loan packages for commercial real estate, C&I, construction, residential investment, and bridge loans.
  • Collaborate with commercial lending team to coordinate information gathering for commercial loan requests.
  • Provide support to the entire loan team including loan officers, underwriters, loan servicing team and closing team, and borrowers.
  • Assist commercial relationship managers with assigned tasks.
  • Order credit reports, appraisals, and environmental reports.
  •  Follow up on past due loans and collect financials to renew maturing loans.
  • Effectively communicate with clients for additional documents request from underwriting or closing team to ensure compliancy.
  • Provide excellent customer service and solution to customers’ issues.
  • Act as liaison between borrowers, loan officers, underwriting team, and closing team.

Debra is asking for a base salary minimum of $50K (flexible).

Kindly call Jeanie Maher or Tom Szmanda at 847-325-5457 or email us at: