Statewide (IL) – Commercial Portfolio Manager – C&I & CRE (105645)

Tim has been a portfolio manager for 20 years and enjoys all elements of credit risk / review and portfolio management.

He is seeking an opportunity with an Illinois bank.

Tim’s career skills as a portfolio manager include:

  • Managed a portfolio of clients in various industries, including manufacturing, service and retail with loans ranging from $10MM and up.
  • Managed portfolios up to $300MM in C&I and CRE loans.
  • Assessed client’s financial position on both a day-to-day and monthly basis to ensure compliance with legal agreements and loan covenants.
  • Created financing proposals to both current and new clients to provide debt solutions to help clients achieve their strategic objectives while ensuring that the proposal was within the banks risk profile.
  • Used financial expertise to construct legal requirements, including financial covenants that were satisfactory to both the bank and client.
  • Worked closely with various law firms in the negotiation and execution of various legal documents (including credit agreements).
  • Responsible for conducting loan review analysis of C&I and CRE loans in the bank’s portfolio with no direct supervision.
  • Responsibilities include evaluating compliance with regulatory guidelines and bank policies, assessing the condition and quality of individual credits based on financial, collateral and documentation analysis, determining the appropriate risk rating on creditsaccording to lending policy, identification of issues and trends resulting in possible recommendations for process improvement, developing suggestions for changes to bank policies/procedures based on loan and process reviews, document review findings and provide support for conclusions and interact with senior management, multiple lines of business, credit administration and other bank colleagues.
  • Responsibilities include the review of all credit underwriting presented for approval, focusing on credit quality, compliance with bank policies, and credit structure.
  • Additional responsibilities include managing portfolio manager workload to ensure adequate coverage on existing accounts and working with Relationship Managers in developing the appropriate credit structure and financial covenants for new and existing lending relationships.
  • Also was included in the, interviewing, hiring and training of new Portfolio Managers and monitored their progress. In addition, maintained a full portfolio of clients.

Tim is asking for a base salary minimum of $105K

Kindly call Jeanie Maher or Tom Szmanda at 847-325-5457 or email us at: