Statewide (MO) – Chief Credit Officer (106942)

Jerry has been a Chief Credit Officer for 14 years and enjoys all elements of commercial lending and operations.

He is seeking an opportunity with a Missouri bank.

Jerry’s career skills as a Chief Credit Officer include:

  • Oversaw loan portfolio growth from $72.3MM to $265MM in eight years with average annual charge-offs of 35 bps (only $22MM of growth came from acquisition and excludes $36MM of sold participations)
  • Manage Credit Analysts and Appraisal Review Staff loan portfolio
  • Review Loan Committee packages prior to submission to Loan Committee; make credit recommendations, make presentations when Loan Officers are absent and convene Loan Committee in the absence of the Chief Lending Officer
  • Guide Lending Officers on credit decisions and loan structure and terms
  • Work with Chief Lending Officer on credit decisions, lending officer issues and management of the Commercial lending underwriter
  • Updated / Expanded Bank Credit Policy to reflect the current state of the bank and prepare for growth; including converting Asset Quality Risk Rating from an 8 point scale to a 10 point scale and loan portfolio industry concentration tracking from SIC to NAICS
  • Point of contact for State and Federal Reserve examiners with regards to the safety and soundness portion of bank examinations
  • Complete the ALLL analysis and make monthly ALLL provision recommendations
  • Review criticized assets for impairment and collateral dependency
  • Monitor Loan Portfolio’s concentrations, weighted average risk rating trends and critical ratios
  • Complete various board reports: criticized assets, portfolio concentrations, etc. Recommend Credit Policy changes
  • Oversee annual external credit review of the bank’s loan portfolio
  • Oversee tracking of financial statement and Credit Policy exceptions
  • Manage foreclosures, repossessions and sale of Other Assets
  • Manage the bank’s portfolio of participations both bought and sold
  • Oversee sale of guaranteed loans
  • Oversee the monthly and quarterly borrowing base reporting for the bank’s lines at the Federal Reserve and FHLB
  • Member of the bank’s ALCO and IT committees

Jerry is asking for a base salary minimum of $125K.

Kindly call Jeanie Maher or Tom Szmanda at 847-325-5457 or email us at: