Statewide (NC) – Chief Credit Officer (107682)

Doug has been a Chief Credit Officer for six years with a total of 25+ years of banking experience.

He is seeking an opportunity with a local Central North Carolina bank.

Doug’s career skills as a Chief Credit Officer include:

  • $100MM portfolio while being Chief Credit Officer.
  • Single signing authority of $1.5MM
  • Establish policies and procedures for all aspects of bank’s credit procedures.
  • Decision individual loans within approved loan authority parameters.
  • Work directly with lending personnel on structure of loans, especially larger/more complex credit facilities.
  • Assist front line personnel with management of bank’s larger, most-tenured borrowing & deposit relationships.
  • Management oversight for Jack Henry (loan operations platform) and D&H Credit Quest (front and back end loan processing platform).
  • Responsible for all credit portfolio communications with Board of Directors, including monthly review and presentation of Director-level credit packages.
  • Member of ALCO Committee
  • Background experience with execution of CRE and C&I Loans.

Doug is asking for a base salary minimum of $145K.

Kindly call Jeanie Maher or Tom Szmanda at 847-325-5457 or email us at: