Statewide (PA) – Credit Analyst – C&I & CRE (107640)

John has been a Credit Analyst for four years.

He is seeking an opportunity with a Southeastern Pennsylvania bank.

John’s career skills as a Credit Analyst include:

  • Average loan size analyzed: $1MM – $18MM
  • Worked with companies with revenues ranging between $5 – $25MM
  • Daily tasks included interpreting and analyzing financial statements for CRE and C&I loan underwriting and portfolio maintenance.
  • Performing covenant tests per the loan documentation and making suggestions for new covenant language when necessary to achieve desired goals.
  • Reviewing on-demand credits for existing borrowers including: auto dealerships, goods manufacturers, distributors, SNC’s/syndication deals, rental units, hotels, municipalities. etc.
  • Risk rating new and existing borrowers by identifying market conditions, financial trends, industry performance standards, capital expenditures, one-time costs, and other factors affecting the borrower’s historical and future performance.
  • Working with Credit Support Managers and Bankers to underwrite C&I and CRE loans within the market including spreads, cash flows, financial trend analysis, and customer background.
  • Managing large volumes of credit data including spreading financials, year-over-year using statistical database tools.
  • Performing statistical analysis of data such as cash flow and collateral analysis, financial ratios, and lease tracks and their impact on credit factors and drivers.
  • Identifying market conditions, industry standards, cap rates and other factors to use as inputs in risk rating models.
  • Managing the Bank’s entire commercial construction loan portfolio through site inspections, loan disbursements, and tracking the progress of each project for rehab, new vertical construction, and land development.

John is asking for a base salary minimum of $50K.

Kindly call Jeanie Maher or Tom Szmanda at 847-325-5457 or email us at: