Statewide (VA) – Chief Credit Officer (107641)

Matthew has been a Deputy Chief Credit Officer for eight years with 20 years of related banking experience.

He is seeking an opportunity with a Virginia bank.

Matthew’s career skills as a Deputy Chief Credit Officer include:

  • Providing support and backup for the Chief Credit Officer.
  • Contributing as a member of the Asset & Liability Committee (ALCO).
  • Working directly with state and federal examiners in review of policies, procedures and credit quality.
  • Originating bank-wide, training and development programs in credit risk management and communication skills.
  • Supervising and managing the credit quality of the commercial loan portfolios and related relationship management efforts of 12 commercial C&I and CRE lenders
  • Cultivating and mentoring the development of lenders to improve identification of C&I and CRE opportunities, understanding business cycles, underwriting and structuring proposals and negotiation.
  • Leading joint calling efforts to provide real time due diligence, credit risk identification and decision support. This consultative, portfolio management approach enhances teamwork, client responsiveness and is a direct contributing factor to over $100MM in new loan originations.
  • Creating and implementing new commercial loan products based on market needs
  • Enhancing the credit risk scoring and approval system, which resulted in a 200% reduction in critical exceptions and improvement in credit quality as independently determined by State & Federal regulators.
  • Monitoring credit quality, concentrations and emerging risks within a $450MM commercial loan portfolio.
  • Analyzing, underwriting, approving and risk rating new and existing commercial loan requests up to $20MM in areas of Middle Market C&I, Mergers & Acquisitions, CRE and Large Construction Project Financing.
  • Reviewing and recommending the individual credit authorities of lenders in accordance with established policies.
  • Maintaining exception and past due ratios at or below 1% and providing guidance to regional lending teams on the identification, understanding and escalation of problems when they arise.
  • Ensuring annual loan reviews on assigned commercial loan portfolios are completed on time with emphasis on evaluating sources of repayment while proactively upgrading/downgrading risk ratings as appropriate.
  • Identifying and evaluating the list of commercial non-performing and classified assets relationships that require additional scrutiny and presenting, on a quarterly basis, action plan measures to the Board Credit Committee.
  • Working with the Special Assets Manager in review of ALLL, FAS 114, forbearance and settlement agreements.

Matthew is asking for a base salary minimum of $125K.

Kindly call Jeanie Maher or Tom Szmanda at 847-325-5457 or email us at: