Tulsa – Chief Credit Officer (106833)

Ben has been a Chief Credit Officer for 12 years and enjoys all elements of managing commercial loan credit risk.

He is seeking an opportunity with a Tulsa area bank.

Ben’s career skills as a Chief Credit Officer include:

  • Duties include reviewing loan requests to assess underwriting/analysis, structure, credit quality, and adherence to Loan Policy.
  • Write Loan Policy revisions as needed.
  • Voting member of the Executive Loan Committee.
  • Perform the ALLL loan loss reserve analysis and credit concentration analysis quarterly. 
  • Perform migration analysis for loan loss reserve calculation.
  • Interpret regulations primarily regarding appraisals, legal lending limit, and Supervisory LTV’s.
  • Review the Supervisory LTV reports quarterly for accuracy.
  • Perform appraisal re-certifications, evaluations, and appraisal / evaluation reviews.
  • Approve appraisers for bank use.
  • Track construction loan advances vs. completion, real estate market and cattle market monitoring. 
  • Manage the bank’s OREO, both maintenance and selling.
  • Approve credit risk grade changes.
  • Train lenders on complex cash flow analysis, financial analysis, and regulatory issues.
  • Interact with bank examiners and auditors. 
  • Manage the external Loan Review program.
  • Manage the bank’s Credit Administration function, consisting of five direct reports in credit analysis and loan review.

Kindly call Jeanie Maher or Tom Szmanda at 847-325-5457 or email us at: jeanie@symicorgroup.com.