Are you seeking top Banking talent?

Is the appropriate and timely placement of a CFO, Staff Accountant, Commercial Lender, Trust Officer, Board Member, Compliance Officer, Tax Accountant, Wealth Management Advisor, Private Banker, Retail Bank Leader, Chief Credit Officer, Chief Risk Officer or Business Banker important to your bank or company?

Would you like to reduce your hiring costs?

The Symicor Group is the answer.

We have numerous highly qualified and proven candidates that would complement your bank or credit union. Many of these candidates have worked with our recruiters over the years and each Symicor Recruiter has a deep professional knowledge of their capabilities.

Our client-centric value proposition sets us apart from other recruiting firms. With our experience in the financial industry, knowledge of the banking industry, and our deep-seated connections in the market, we understand the requirements of both our clients and our talent pool. We know how to find the people our clients are looking for.

We recognize that each individual has unique skills and experience that shape what kind of employee they are. And we believe that cultural fit is one of the best indicators of success for both employee and employer. So, we take comprehensive measures to ensure that each employee we place is the right fit for your professional environment – on multiple levels.

And although we have the experience, extensive network, and recruiting power of a large firm, we have the flexibility and ability to customize like a smaller firm.

When you work with The Symicor Group, we’ll work with you to create a talent acquisition plan that will allow your bank to run smoothly – with less turnover – at a best-in-market fee structure.


Cultivating professional client relationships and talent assessment is our specialty!

We enjoy over 105 years of actual bank experience.

Our pool of talent acquisition professionals has been in your shoes! We are all former bankers. As a result, we have a relevant and practical understanding of your staffing needs!

Talent Acquisition Consultancy

The Symicor Group serves as a sounding board for all of our clients. We will help you write job descriptions, assess talent, formulate HR staffing models, develop compensation programs, and most essential, fill important senior-level vacancies.

We make this commitment of time and energy with the hope of becoming an indispensable human capital advisor for your company.


Some job functions have inherently higher turnover rates.  The costs of this turnover can range anywhere from one-half to five times the employee’s annual wages.  The Symicor Group can help you fill your vacant positions more cost-effectively with any one of our staffing solutions.


You can make better hiring decisions.  Our unique banking behavioral interview and assessment model means better hires for your bank or company.

Symicor Staffing Solutions

The Symicor Group offers recruitment, evaluation, screening, interviewing, and placement services to meet your needs.

Bank Searches & Placements include, but are not limited to, the following job categories:


Administrative Assistants Commercial Lenders Mortgage Originators
Bank Accounting and Audit Commercial Relationship Mgrs. Mortgage Processors
Bank Board Members Customer Service Representatives Office Clerks
Bank Operations and Support Data Entry Specialists Personal Bankers
Branch Manager Executive Assistants Private Bankers
Business Bankers File Clerks Presidenst/CEOs
Call Center Representatives Human Resource Directors Project Coordinators
Chief Compliance Officers Human Resource Assistants Receptionists
Chief Credit Officers Investment Directors Sales Support
Chief Financial Officer Investment Representatives Staff Support
Chief Lending Officers Lending Underwriters Switchboard Operators
Chief Marketing Officers Marketing Assistants Trainers
Chief Risk Officers Mortgage Assistants Trust Bankers

Extensive Services

The Symicor Group will use our knowledge of your financial institution and the specific needs of a position to interview and assess each candidate before presenting you with a shortlist. We arrange interviews, share feedback, check references, negotiate salaries, and facilitate the entire placement process.

For more information on our bank placement services, please contact The Symicor Group.