Time for a Job Change?

June 6th, 2013

Having been within a few organizations for several years I personally know it is often hard to leave due to friendships you have made, the routines you have established, and familiar environment you have been accustom to.  Other times you just know it is time to seek other opportunities because of issues within the workplace.  This 3-part series will examine some of reasons you might be ready for a change in careers.

Part One – Work Environment Factors

Here we will explore three factors, which certainly can cause undue day-to-day stress in your working environment.

Negative Issues with Your Boss

If you stay at any job long enough you are likely to get a new boss or two.  The person who hired you may have moved up or moved on, and you just might not click with the new boss for a number of reasons.  You may feel that your boss does not do their job as well as they could, or you do not like the direction they insist on leading the organization. Or you may have clashing personalities making every conversation tense and filled with second-guessing and distrust.

You Don’t Fit into the Company’s Culture

A company’s culture will determine whether employees are happy or not. Often executives are too busy managing finances and launching marketing campaigns and do not spend the time to create the company’s culture. Without leadership involvement, a culture will emerge and typically it’s a negative culture.  Creating and managing the organization’s culture is imperative to keeping the best employees.

If you find yourself in a work environment where the culture is not conducive to your productivity, happiness or comfort, determine root cause of the discomfort.  If you find that the cause is something nonthreatening, such as the group’s love of football, for example, perhaps you can find other co-workers who share your outsider interests.

If you find however that the culture is based on unhealthy themes, such as sexual discrimination or the use of drugs and alcohol you must make a decision on whether you want to be part of that culture or find a new job where the culture suits you.

The Company is About to Fail

Companies fail for many reasons, but the end result is the same: the company shuts its doors and stops providing much-needed services and paychecks.  If you can see that your company is in trouble or on its way to failure, it’s probably a good time to find a new job.  Some of the warning signs you should watch for are:

    • Cutting down operational expenses.
    • Hiring freeze.
    • Hours cut at work
    • Downsizing: lay-offs
    • The company is cutting back on staff perks

If you find yourself looking to move on from your current career, The Symicor Group can help.  At The Symicor Group, we know you’ve worked hard to get where you are.  And we know a job is about much more than the skill set.  It’s about the person who does it.  So we’ll take the time to find out about you—where you are and where you want to go.  And we’ll find you the positions that will help you get there.

We recognize that you have unique skills and experience that shape what kind of employee you are.  And we believe that cultural fit is one of the best indicators of success for both employee and employer. So we take measures to ensure that every employee is placed in a work environment where they can succeed and thrive.

Contact us today and let us work for you to find your dream position.

Next time in Part-Two of our three-part series we will explore personal factors in the “Time for a Job Change?” series. 

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