Is your resume ineffective?

September 10th, 2013

We see it every day!  A candidate with outstanding qualifications not getting noticed or receiving that first call from the HR department.  You are an outstanding candidate and may have years of qualified experience.  You may even be the perfect fit for the opportunity you seek.  Still, no phone calls, no emails and no response from the HR department after sending your well-intended resume.

Well, the silent show stopper is likely your resume. Indeed, the construction and content of your resume maybe the only thing preventing you from even getting noticed.

The Symicor Group, and many other talent acquisition firms across the United States, receives feedback from HR Directors lamenting the fact that candidates continue to send them resumes that do not inspire or warrant further review.  These demanding HR leaders readily admit that many candidates may likely be a good fit but these candidates never reach a state of relevancy because of their substandard resume.

Bottom line, your resume must be value-based and enticing. Further, your resume should make irresistible!  It must quickly convey the notion that you are the solution your next employer has been seeking.

Now more than ever, it’s time for your resume to stand out among the sea of resumes competing against you.  A value based resume that is clear and compelling may put you at the front of the line. Call for your free consultation today.  It is time to get you placed with the company and career that offers you challenge and fulfillment.  Call Kelly or Tom today at (847) 325-5457 or email us at

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